Perfectly Packaged

One package, everything's included.

The complete package that has everything you need to be successful on the web. Starting with a beefed up hosting plan packed with lots of extras


Website in a Box

All the tools you need to get started

Building your website has never been easier. Dotology's basic bundle gives you everything that you need to hit the web without the extra costs. Our low introductory price means whether it's a passion project or for your small business we're easy on your bank account.

Fast, reliable and secure: Dotology offers cPanel based hosting including push-button script installations of leading software like Wordpress, MediaWiki, ZenCart and more. Annual plans include a free domain - a terrific value!

For Only $4.99/mo.

Builder Bundle

The Builder Bundle is perfect for small and micro businesses and organizations that are looking for an incredibly simple drag and drop solution for their website. We bundle an award winning SiteBuilder with a free domain name, custom email based on your domain name, domain name privacy and a variety of other services to get you up and running. SiteBuilder allows you to choose from modern, well designed templates to customize your website. Updates take just minutes and you can upgrade your plan as your needs change. 

For only $5.83/mo.

Business Bundle

Our trusty regular ol' Bundle includes all the things you've come to expect from a full featured web host. It's shared web hosting at it's very best. We bundle a domain name, domain name privacy, an SSL certificate, a SiteLock Scan, custom email based on your domain name, and easy installations of award winning scripts like Drupal, ZenCart and Wordpress. Our limited time introductory price is more than 65% off what you would pay for each of these products individually. With your imagination and Dotology there's no limit to what you can do.

For only $7.49/mo.

= as much as you need

 Hosting PlanBuilder BundleBusiness Bundle
Free Domain Name*
Disk Quota (MB)
Monthly Bandwidth (MB)
FTP Accounts 50 50
Email Accounts
Email Lists 10 10
Databases 50 50
Sub Domains
Parked Domains
Addon Domains 50 50
Easy Script Installers
SSL Certificate
All Plan Bundle Features:
  • Instant Setup
  • CPanel Based
  • Free Domain Name
  • U.S. Based Support
  • Unlimited File Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Multiple Domain Hosting
  • Toll-Free Phone Support
  • Money-Back Guarantee

*Free Domain limited to select TLDs. Renewal rates will apply.